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Demand for CPA Services Strong and Resilient

Big changes in business — from globalization and shifting workplace demographics — mean just one thing: Only the most nimble will succeed.

Those business trends are pointed findings of a multi-year study recently released by the American Institute of CPAs. The Institute’s Horizons 2025 study surveyed upwards of 6,000 CPA thought leaders, examining work trends shaping the profession. In the arsenal of best business practices, one rule supersedes all others: Embrace change and give it a prominent seat beside the CEO. Better still, be the change leader.

Shinn & Co is doing both.

“Our focus is strategic,” explains Garrett Shinn, a second generation partner at the firm. “We’ve reinvented our internal service lines to further the professional development of our team. We’re fortunate; our competitors cut back when the recession hit, while our firm grew through empowering the next generation.”

The firm’s multi-generational approach and distinctive values attracts a millennial workforce. It gives Shinn & Co a huge competitive advantage in the talent marketplace.

“We talk with clients about the importance of succession planning and how crucial it is,” says Shinn. “We take the same advice we give our clients: Empower your team and the next generation within the business by building them up so they’ll grow – professionally and personally – and keep the business thriving long term.”

Shinn & Co are agilely recruiting fresh talent. Policies supporting professional development and a bona-fide open door culture that generates collaboration are employment magnets.

“We make big investments in opportunities for lifelong learning and collaboration – concepts that hold great gravity for the new workforce. Thirty percent of our staff is millennials,” says Shinn. “The industry is graying, but we’re moving in the opposite direction.”

Shinn & Co is leveraging technology – another strong theme in the Horizons 2025 report – gaining millennials’ attention, while also serving the dual purpose of expanding the firm’s capacity to serve clients who rely on the firm’s leadership to help them steer their own businesses through the whitewaters of rapid technological change.

With offices in Bradenton and Sarasota, the firm has an unparalleled lifestyle advantage, too.

“You can spend a Sunday on a beach ranked number one in the world and easily be at work on Monday,” says Shinn. “It’s pretty sweet.

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