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Bold. Millennial. Robust.

Shinn Strategic Planning is the firm’s newest division. Leveraging technology and assembling a world-class team of advisors, it’s a game changer for clients.

Shinn & Co is a family-owned, multi-generational firm and trusted advisor serving high net-worth clients across the nation. With innovative services, Shinn is bucking the national trend of firms growing gray. Instead, they’re on the cutting edge of the new era in accounting, employing a youthful team and implementing millennial business models defined by partnership and collaboration.

“The days of the non-disclosure mindset and doing business that way are long gone,” says firm founder Byron E. Shinn. “The new era in accounting is one of strategic partnership. Problem solving requires bringing a group of trusted advisors to the table: corporate and personal attorneys, financial advisors, trustees and key family members. A lot of accounting firms remain really intrepid about it. They’re afraid that by sharing they’ll lose clients. That’s old school. We’re finding out it’s just the opposite.”

Shinn Strategic Planning affords fresh thinking as the division focuses on collective expertise embracing multiple advisors in specialized and targeted markets. The approach is attracting new clients and the firm is growing substantially with revenues up by 40% over 2015. Steeped in classic values and innovation, Shinn & Co is unique in the field of business wealth management.

“We bring advisors to the table from cities around the U.S.,” says Shinn. “When clients understand the distinct advantage and depth of working with an expert and select team, it builds confidence for a client starting a new division overseas or in Mexico, for example. They tell us all the time, the reason they choose our firm is because of our capability to manage the complex relationships surrounding the management of business wealth. That’s why Shinn Strategic Planning was founded. Clients told us what they wanted and we listened.”
The firm has a profound understanding of the needs of multi-generational business and how to groom future generations to become leaders of family businesses: Shinn and son Garrett are partners and manage Shinn & Co as a team.

“We take our own advice,” notes Shinn. “We apply the same succession strategies we share with clients. It’s not just about taxes, finances, or historical score keeping. It’s the end game: the family and businesses understanding why they’re making the decisions they do. Keeping all of the professional advisors on the same page keeps the businesses’ values and mission in line. That’s what we do. And it sets us apart.”

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