Pokémon Go: What You Need To Know

The name Pokémon has deep roots in many of us today, especially for nostalgic Gameboy users. As it did in the 90’s, Pokémon is yet again transforming the mobile gaming industry, this time via smartphones.

The new version is called Pokémon Go and it has drawn significant attention from news outlets all over the world due to its exponential growth among smartphone users. This caliber of growth brings many opportunities to the table for small business owners and there are multiple ways small businesses can capitalize on the Pokémon phenomenon.

To summarize, Pokémon Go is the first mobile app to create an augmented reality that requires users to physically go outside and catch digitalized Pokémon using GPS and camera technology. Pokémon are found at a PokeStop, which can be a landmark, restaurant, park, etc. Once an individual collects Pokémon, they can go to a Pokémon Gym located elsewhere to battle other players. Thus, PokeStops and Pokémon Gyms are extremely prominent and draw a lot of foot traffic from those playing the game. This foot traffic tends to bode well for small businesses and Pokémon Go has included a way for businesses to take advantage.

This tool is called a lure module and it, as the name hints, attracts Pokémon to an arranged spot for 30 minutes. Lure modules cost about $1.19 per hour and immediately draw various Pokémon to wherever the module is located. If positioned by a Pokestop, lure modules will inevitably attract anyone near the Pokestop to the lure so that they can capture Pokémon. For businesses relatively close to a Pokestop or Pokémon Gym, lure modules can prove to be a useful and affordable tool for getting people in the door. Many small businesses have already started exploiting this unique feature and have reported noticeable improvements as a result.

Pokémon Go is still a very young breakthrough and there are bound to be more beneficial outcomes for small businesses aside from what is already in development. Right now is the perfect time to join in on the Pokemon bandwagon, especially since there will more opportunities to capitalize off of the app in the future.

With that said, jump in now, learn the name of the trade, and take advantage of this promising opportunity while also catching a few Pokémon along the way.

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