IN THE NEWS: As Seen in Florida Trend (July)

Strategic. Partnership. Vision.

Innovation shapes the organization. But in a word, it’s all about expertise and teamwork.

Serving high net worth entrepreneurial clients, governments, and large non-profits throughout the U.S., Shinn & Co is a trusted business partner.

Powerfully pro-active role in establishing best accounting practices for the State of Florida, the firm frequently provides expertise to executive decision makers and legislators at the highest levels in Florida and Washington D.C. Shinn & Co was a high-profile proponent of the 2015 Florida legislation requiring peer review for all firms engaged in accounting and auditing engagements.

“The bottom line is that peer review protects the citizens of Florida and provides full transparency,” explains Byron Shinn, founder and managing partner of Shinn & Co and vice chair of the Federal Tax Committee of the Florida Institute of Certified Public Accountants.
Transparency is especially critical when performing external audits for large scale public-sector clients such as Manatee County, the largest governmental entity in Manatee. The firm audits Manatee’s elected officials, as well.

As sought-after business advisors, large multi-generational companies rely on Shinn & Co to bring big-picture thinking to every aspect of business advancement. Sunripe Certified Brands, a fourth generation, family-owned company with agribusinesses across North America, exemplify the scope and scale of organizations that rely on the firm.

Far-reaching professional initiatives – testifying on Capitol Hill to promote tax reform for small business and S-Corporations for example – highlight the firm’s cutting edge expertise and industry innovation. Byron is the current Chair Elect of the Tampa Bay Partnership, the organization charged with providing business and political leadership that enhances the economic competitiveness of the region.

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