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Expertise. Accountability. Innovation.

Serving high worth entrepreneurs across the nation for more than 20 years, Shinn & Co leverages integrated problem solving to build partnerships with clients, providing expertise to establish internal business structures that maximize profitability, stability, and a long-range view of wealth transfer and succession planning.

“Everyone in the firm has an entrepreneurial spirit, and every communication with a client purposefully steers them to productivity and profitability,” explains Christy Cardillo, a partner in Shinn & Co. “We go above and beyond.”
Establishing internal controls requires in-depth assessment and diligent consideration of both business size and domain to build the best assurances and size-appropriate structure.

“From financial statements to risk assessments, audits, valuations, ethics, or just finding ways to open lanes of communication inside a firm, the conversations about how to structure a business are highly personal and aimed at empowering clients,” explains Cardillo. “We’re continually teaching and communicating.”

Businesses are rightly concerned with fundamentals of daily operations, but the value of long-range planning can never be overstated.
“Clients need a plan to accomplish future goals,” emphasizes Cardillo, “especially when it comes to wealth transfer and succession planning. Complex variables come into play, with a host of outcomes, whether selling or liquidating, or if a family member will be taking over the business. All require different considerations. Valuation is important, too, and taking the necessary steps for making businesses more attractive to buyers. One aspect for example, is having a board of trusted advisors in place – a banker, attorney, accountant – those relationships add tremendous value to a business when it’s time to sell.”
Cardillo honed expertise early in life, attending business meetings with entrepreneurial aunts and grandmothers. The experience serves her clients extremely well.

“She understands family business and treats it like her own company,” says Bettie Goodloe, president of Goodloe Marine, Inc., a Wimauma, FL dredging company with multi-million dollar projects in coastal southern Atlantic waters from Maryland to Miami and Gulf of Mexico from Galveston to Naples. “Her understanding of tax laws in multiple states has saved us considerable money, and her communication skills alone are phenomenal. As far as we’re concerned, she’s much more than a CPA – she’s our partner.”

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