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Quality. Consistency. Integrity.

Business management has never been more complex. Having an expert on your team to protect and grow your business is essential.

The intricacies of regulatory compliance require business to respond quickly and with perfect protocol. Serving businesses, non-profits and high net-worth individuals across the nation, Shinn & Co delivers innovative compliance strategies in multiple realms, from highly regulated business aviation requiring documentation to the tenth of an hour, to agribusiness facing unpredictable headwinds of regulating food quality and sustainability.

“In every business, what used to amount to simple filings of tax returns and financial statements is now a labyrinth of documentation, from converting tax returns to cash flow and debt service ratios, to staying abreast of trends in business and personal financials,” says Tim Gruters, CPA and audit partner at Shinn & Co. “Expert analysis is a must, from structure to risk management. It can be daunting for business owners, but that’s where our expertise begins.”

Navigating the intricacies of loan covenants, debt management, and banking requirements, Shinn & Co adds value and protects clients’ portfolios by leveraging advanced technology, partnering with business to develop thoughtful solutions.

“It’s a youthful approach,” notes Gruters. “We use technology-based software to quickly and efficiently analyze trends and perform hundreds of relevant audits to make sure loan covenants are tested. If we see anything at all going sideways, we can take steps to adjust the course, making sure the client is in alignment with the terms of the covenants and every detail of the banking agreements, from payables to financial statements.”

Banking requirements within business aviation are especially complex, due in no small part to protect public safety.

“Aviation is a highly specialized field, and our knowledge guides clients through the maze of decisions surrounding leasing or owning, registration, fractional ownership, down to the details of mandated maintenance schedules and documenting the wear on tires and engines,” says Gruters. “Business aviation requires clients that documentation can be sustained under audit.”
A challenging business climate is certain to continue, but Shinn & Co understands well that from the seeds of change new opportunities emerge.

“To stay competitive requires the ability to pivot and address what’s going on around you in the global economy,” says Gruters. “There’s plenty of opportunity for innovators who embrace change.”
Tim is an audit partner at Shinn & Co with extensive experience in public accounting, specializing in for-profit, government and non-for-profit assurance and advisory reviews.

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