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Corporate Compliance & Business Consulting

Innovative solutions for today’s dynamic business environment. Data is the new oil. If you have it you need to process, sell, and protect it to advance to the next level. We can help.

Purposeful Consulting Services

Advance Data Quality, Reduce Risk, Ensure Compliance

Shinn & Co provides various services, individually or in combinations that marry important analytics with reporting processes. Our consultants work seamlessly with your team from the initial review, recommendations on analytics and reporting tools, to implementation.

Services include:

  • Project Management and Coordination
  • System Investment Assessment
  • Analytics and Reporting Tool Assessment
  • Quality Assurance and Documentation
  • Data Governance, Risk and Compliance

System Investment Assessment

Return on investment is essential throughout annual budgeting and revenue cycles when organizations are considering investing in things that are not easily quantifiable like Business Intelligence solutions. If your organization is struggling with this dilemma and the criticality of the need, our team is able to bridge that gap. Let our team aid in the understanding of the current situation and in prioritizing projects by identifying what your organizations needs are vs. wants vs. desires.

Dependent upon the engagement, the following deliverables will be provided:

  • Industry comparisons and how your organization rates in realization of expected returns
  • Reporting on specific areas and recommendations on a progressive basis
  • A user friendly Key Performing Indicators (KPI) Scorecard and Metrics process
  • An overall Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT) analysis

Merger & Acquisition Services

Organizations that are considering business consolidations, either through merger or acquisition, are in need of information that is accurate, relevant and timely. Shinn & Co has approachable and veteran professionals that evaluate, analyze, and assess risks and opportunities from potential tax implications to the continuity of business operations. We are able to successfully support the integration process, as well as produce timely and accurate financial reports during and after transition.

Data Privacy Services – Global and Industry Specific

Currently, at least 31 states have established laws regulating the destruction and disposal of personal information. Would it surprise you to know that state of Florida has passed the most stringent data security law in the United States? In June of 2014, the Florida Information Protection Act (FIPA) of 2014 was signed into law and expands the responsibilities of businesses and government entities that maintain data containing personal information.

As an organization, can you afford to fix the privacy problem once it has been reported, pay the regulatory fines, and most importantly maintain your brand (good name) with the clients and customers you are here to help?

Whether it is the new FIPA or HIPAA or an SSAE 16 attestation, our privacy professionals can deliver services that are designed to assist organizations such as:

  • Completing readiness assessment for various regulatory and compliance areas and
  • Performing compliance audits and providing a final report

Forensic Accounting Investigation Services

Are you currently struggling with copyright infringement, misappropriations of funds or have business transactions, financial documents, tax records and correspondence that require examination and investigation?

Does your organization have questions or needs in areas such as fraud and criminal investigations, business disputes, negligence claims, employee theft and other economic losses? If so, it is essential that you have skilled and accomplished partners on your team to provide guidance.

With two (2) Certified Fraud Examiners and Tax Professionals in – house, the team at Shinn & Co is able to provide an extensive evaluation of internal controls, to investigation reports of potential fraud, embezzlement or misappropriation of funds, and civil case consultation and court testimony.

Regulatory Assessments and Program Assistance

Whether it is the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) or the Florida Information Protection Act (FIPA), we here at Shinn can assist in strengthening your overall compliance program up front or assisting in remediation efforts on the back end.

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