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Business Valuations

Shinn & Co offers a varied array of business valuation and consulting services to our clients. Reasons for business valuations can be amenable or unwilling dependent upon the situation at hand.

Reasons for business valuations:

  • Succession planning
  • Divorce
  • Multiple owner discord or shareholder oppression
  • Regulatory groups at times require a business valuation
  • Mergers and acquisitions

No matter the reason, we have a specialist in valuations and a supporting team that provides backup at every stage of the evaluation. We are able to customize each evaluation to meet the needs and timing requirements of our clients. Once the evaluation is completed, our team provides a detailed or summary report depending on the engagement.

We are able to value businesses based on such criteria as, but not limited to: business income and risk; business assets; or comparison to similar business sales. Our team evaluates and determines the most efficient and effective valuation method to utilize on a case by case basis. Shinn & Co believes in providing viable options that allow the client to understand the process and assist in identifying the deliverables expected.

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